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I help women un-f*ck their mindset and show up online so they can run a successful business.  

After starting my own business and failing miserably the first time (or ten), I went back to the 9-5 life, only to quickly be reminded of why I didn’t want to go back in the first place. Waking up every day and doing something that I didn’t love was not my purpose in life. I had so much creative energy and it felt like time was literally just passing me by. So I toughed it out in my 9-5 and then once I got my shit together with my mindset and with the universe on my side, I launched my business. Full force, no looking back, it’s all or nothing baby, failure is not an option.  I said fuck the fear and went for my dreams.

Now I help women like you do the same.

You’re not even close to cookie cutter, so stop acting like a basic biz bitch.

What I do

Hi, there. I am a no bs business and mindset coach, I create info products and work 1:1 coaching women to help them create a life and business that gets them excited to wake up every morning.   

After going through Tori's workbook, I feel a lot better about how I can offer clients something at every price point and how I should think about transitioning them from lower-priced items to premium offers as they move along in working with me. I love how it made me really think in a value-focused way. Your clients need you to solve a problem for them and know I know what problem that is. 

Amanda Aderohunmu
(certified life coach)

It was the missing puzzle piece I needed to fit the rest of the pieces all together.
I finally have my services organized which I have been struggling with for the past year.

Rianna Neal - Pancake Digital Solutions

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