How to Build Your Personal Brand With Your Website

If you are building a company based on your characteristics, training, and experience, then your website is a vital marketing tool. You can take several steps to make sure that your website is bringing in more leads, helping you close more deals, and bringing you more repeat traffic.

Create a Unique Domain

A strong domain name is one that is easy for your targeted audience to remember. The right domain name adds credibility to your business, and it helps separate you from others who do not have your professionalism. A good domain name also makes you appear more trustworthy. You own your domain, so if you change host companies, your content goes with you. Google, Bing, and other search engines favor companies with their own domain when creating search engine result pages, local rankings, maps, and many other features. You have more freedom to create your site as you want it when you have your domain.

Find Your Voice

When you rely on what you can offer customers to make your living, it is essential to find your voice. It can be humorous, quirky, serious, or something else, but it needs to represent who you are as a person. Your voice should represent who you are in your niche market. Finding your voice is essential because it creates trustworthiness and credibility with your target audience.

If you are having trouble identifying your voice, then look at the materials you have already created. It may be social media posts, webinars, e-books, or other types of materials. Start grouping them to see what you sound like. Try to whittle down your voice to three essential words. Make a chart with four columns. In the first column, write one of the words you have chosen. In the next column, define that word. Then, in the third column, write how you will show that characteristic more. Finally, in the last column, write what you will avoid doing that would take away from that characteristic. Repeat with the other two words that you used.

Get Professional Photos

It can help to promote the image that you want if you have professional photos taken. Make sure you follow tips to make the most of your portrait session. Try to exhibit characteristics with your photo that shows you are part of your target audience. For example, if you are selling athletic goods, dress in athletic gear, or if you are a lawyer, dress like you are headed to court. Keep your makeup, if you wear it, natural-looking. Stay away from trends with your hair and your clothes because your headshots will look dated when these trends disappear. Get a good night’s sleep the night before your photo is taken, and drink lots of water so that your skin has a natural shine to it. Work with a professional during your portrait session so that your headshot represents quality as customers may use it to judge the quality of your company.

Build Your Online Reputation

You need to build your reputation across the internet and connect it back to your website. Google and other search engines use signs from across the web to judge how trustworthy and credible you are when they create their search engine pages. Placing high in these results can bring more traffic to your website, allowing you to close a deal. Start by claiming your Google My Business account and using keywords in the description. Claim all other review sites where customers might look to find out more about you. Be active on social media.

Create an About Me Page

Your website should have a well-crafted About Me page. This page should tell potential customers about why you are an expert in your field, such as your training, your industry credentials, and your experience. It should also make it clear why you are an expert. More importantly, an About Me gives your customers a way to connect with your brand on a personal level, which is more likely to encourage brand loyalty.

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