How To Find Time To Run A Home Based Business As A Mom

Oh hey mama! I am so freaking happy that you are here. Not all of my posts are directed at moms, but this one is so important. Running a business and running a family are hard. Maybe you stay home with your kids full time or you work full time and are trying to stay home with the kids and build this thing on the side. Whatever the case, you are here, and you are struggling to build your business with your babies around, or you are here because you want to know it is possible.

It is so easy to look online at all of those insta-worthy moms who are making $250k in their business per year, have a beautifully cleaned home and their children are happy and perfect and eat all their veggies.

Let me start of by telling you two things, comparison will kill your business, (and basically every other part of your life). And they do not do it alone.

Okay. So you are here to figure out how to find time to run a business as a mom. Here is what I have learned over the years. I have stayed home with my kids, worked a full time business while my kids were in daycare and worked a full time job while running my business on the side. I’ve seen some shit.

Here is what you need to know.

You are going to compromse. You are going to have to compromise on some things. Skipping that next episode of netflix with your partner in order to go write that blog post or hop on a call with a potential client. You are going to miss something but that is okay. Your kids are going to watch you build something with your own two hands. You are going to create something that is yours. Building your own business is going to be one of the hardest things that you do, but it does come with some sacrifices. That is just part of the gig. Things will get thrown at you in business, you will lose some friends who don’t support it. You will have financial ups and downs. Your kids will drive you absolute bat-shit. Welcome to being an entrepreneur mama!

Work-Life balance is a crock of shit. It is a lie You are going to be missing out on something, especially in the beginning of your business. You do need to work hard, you will fall down a lot. The scales are not always balanced, sometimes I give more attention to myself then to my business, kids or husband. Some days it is the husband, etc. etc. I am one of those people who have a brain that just don’t shut off. I will be driving down the road taking my kids to go get ice cream and I have an idea for a new blog post idea, or I have an idea for a way to help my clients better. I NEED to write it down that instance. It happens. We don’t need to beat ourselves up over it. We have a billion other things to be guilty about as moms, trying to balance a forever revolving scale shouldn’t be one of them.

You need to master time management. I could literally waste HOURS perfecting something in the beginning of my business. Whether it was a headline for my blog, creating graphics or formulating a Facebook post. I quickly learned that done is better than perfect, and then I put some systems in place to make it easier to purchase from me so that I was working smarter, not harder. 😉

Here are my best tips for time management:

Batch create: Take 1 day a week where you just create content. Write as much as you can. Outline your blog posts or your social media content and just write your little heart out.

Have a brand guide for yourself. If you haven’t invested in proper branding yet, you can still set up a system to stay on your brand that you have created. Stick with a few colors and use them repeatedly. Create social media templates for your business so that you are not starting from scratch with every post you make.

Cut out a specific chunk of time to work on your business. (and make it non negotiable) It can be really easy to talk yourself on working on your business. Well the house is messy, I am mentally drained, I just want to sleep in. All of those are excuses that I told myself before, too. It is easy to do nothing but it is hard to take action. Especially big scary action that may get your face in front of people and change your life forever. You owe this to yourself.

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