Journal Entries To Help You Figure Out Your Life

Sometimes it can feel like nothing is going quite right and you are out of touch with reality, not really knowing what you want to do with your life or with your business. I have been at a crossroads in both of these places and neither are a fun place to be. Journaling has been a huge factor in helping me with my mindset and staying on track with my mental health, as well as keeping me mentally sharp, because I love writing, but when most of your day to day conversations are through a text or with your kids under 10, the mental stimulation is pretty scarce.

Here are some of the journal entries that I have used throughout various stages of my life to help me figure out what I wanted to do and put myself into a better head space:

1. What would bring me joy right now? This could be something as simple as going to your favorite ice cream place, or maybe scripting out your dream vacation and envisioning the warm, salty air hitting your skin as your hear the sea gulls in the distance. The key is to get super specific, you want to create the feeling of joy and this will also help you figure out what you need right now in the present moment.

2. What do I enjoy about my life? I want you to write about what you enjoy about your life, maybe it is a routine you have, a hobby you enjoy, etc.

3. What do I not enjoy about my life? The law of polarity helps us see what we don’t want that way it will be easier to discover what we do want in our lives. This is a great way to take note of the things in your life that you would like to change.

4. What am I good at? You may notice some overlap when it comes to these journal entries, but it is a good idea to figure out what you are good at.

5. How can my needs be better met? You cannot expect to be the best version of yourself if your needs aren’t being met, or not met fully. Maybe this requires more alone time, reading or relaxation or a combination of all of the above.

6. What are my happiest moments in life spent doing? This is a great prompt if you are looking to start a business or find your passion in general. Starting a business without passion will soon cause you to lose focus and momentum.

7. My life is most ideal when..

8. What is a story I have told myself that has held me back?

9. Create a list of 25 things you want out of life.

10. Make a list of everything that you would like to say ‘fuck yes’ to.

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