Rewarding Careers That Let You Stay at Home

Before the recent COVID-19 pandemic, if you heard that a friend worked from home, you probably looked down on them for not having a “real” job. However, the pandemic has changed the way people look at remote jobs, casting them in a more positive light. Luckily, many businesses have transitioned their services to be performed remotely, opening up a whole new way to work. As you think about working from home, consider the following professions.

Real Estate

Real estate might not sound like a job that can be done remotely, but many real estate agencies have been making adjustments to how they function so that, even amidst a pandemic, business can still continue. For example, if you are showing a home but want to adhere to social distancing measures, you can give a 3D tour of the property you are showing. In order to work in real estate, even if it is remotely, you need a real estate license. Getting your real estate license has many benefits including proving your qualifications to buy and sell real estate and increasing your credibility to potential buyers and sellers.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who can be hired by a small business to do any number of tasks ranging from social media managing to bookkeeping. Depending on what your interests or talents are, you can be a successful virtual assistant and help in the growth and functioning of a small business. Like most remote jobs, you have flexibility and are in control of your schedule. Being a virtual assistant helps you gain more experience and break into your desired career industry.

Online Tutor

If you love teaching, but also want to adhere to social distancing measures, you can become an online tutor. As a tutor you have total control over your schedule, among other advantages. You set your hours, and you can choose the subject you will tutor. You get to work screen-to-screen with the people you tutor and feel the same satisfaction of teaching as you would in person.

Working remotely is becoming a norm because of COVID-19, and there are plenty of jobs that can be performed from the comfort of your home. Whether it is in real estate, business, or teaching, you can still make a difference and get paid to do so. As you look for a job in the constantly shifting job market, consider the benefits of a career from home.

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