let’s say what the fuck you came here to say.

Are you ready to stop filtering yourself, thinking it will help the right people come to you?

Tired of watering your message down and washing yourself out?

Ready to start triggering people and making them take action on your services?

Ready to stop being so afraid of what people will think about you if you post *that*?

What do the modules look like?

Week 1: Un-Censor Your Mindset – How to stop giving a fuck what people think on the internet and stop talking shit to yourself.

Week 2: Un-Censor Your Message – Figuring out what you do, FOR real, in a way that only you can do.

Week 3: Un-Censor Your Content: Triggering people into buying your shit.

Week 4: Un-Censor Your Offers: Creating offers for your business that sell out.

*Bonus* Relationship Building for Bad Bitches – How to Sell Without Being A Sleazy Mc Sleaze Ball

are you ready to stop showing up online like watered down sprite?

because, honestly, you are dr. pepper baby.

What’s included in this group program?


* 1 weekly training for 4 weeks

* Weekly coaching calls

* Free FB Group to get support and ask questions


Here is what people are saying..

After going through Tori’s workbook, I feel a lot better about how I can offer clients something at every price point and how I should think about transitioning them from lower-priced items to premium offers as they move along in working with me. I love how it made me really think in a value-focused way. Your clients need you to solve a problem for them and know I know what problem that is. 

Amanda Aderohunmu
(certified life coach)

It was the missing puzzle piece I needed to fit the rest of the pieces all together.
I finally have my services organized which I have been struggling with for the past year.

Rianna Neal – Pancake Digital Solutions

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